first and foremost, you may not get microblading if;

you’ve been on accutane in the past 12 months

had an eyebrow/face lift in the past 12 months.

have had aspirin or alcohol in the past 24 hours.

pregnant or nursing.

recent botox (within 2 weeks)


wash the tattooed area GENTLY 3-5 times a day (every 4-6 hours) with lukewarm water and a disposable paper towel, gauze or cotton round. Pat the area dry and apply a THIN layer of the barrier cream that has been supplied to you. Keep it out of the sun throughout the healing process. Do not apply ANY cosmetics in this area and avoid sweating for AT LEAST 10-14 days. Keep the area clean and let it breathe!

good to know:

it takes roughly 2 weeks for the brows to heal.

the brows will be very dark & bold for the first 3-5 days.

they will then flake for 3-7 days, looking faded, patchy, or not visible.

the pigment will resurface and bloom as the healing skin regenerates.

if you follow the after-care instructions closely - you will experience the best healing!

6 weeks later you will come for a touch up and we will make sure you leave with perfect brows.